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carousel锛孋annington house Owner

2018-8-10 11:32   273Views  Message No.1771  
Price: Negotiate Area Perth  -   -   -  Map Notes:(^_^)When you contact the writer, please let the writer know that you see this message from the website:AUPEOPLE Australia website. If you want to top up your rental house advertising in English rental section, please contact us by email: It cost 35 AUD / month.
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This room is located at Cannington.

Bed: Queen size mahogany hard bed

Furniture in the room: bedside cupboard, desk, chair, desk lamp, wardrobe.

There are large independent bathrooms and toilets.

There is a Chinese TV set with independent selection in the room.

NbN high-speed Internet access, fast network speed.

Use separate refrigerators and separate kitchen cabinets.

Parking lot: street parking lots, convenient parking.

Location: Near Carousel, near Curtin, 2 minutes walk outside the bus to Curtin; Near the railway station, near the Queens Park station, cannington station, there is a bus to the railway station; the street is quiet.

Surrounding: nearby walking distance has basketball court, football field, community free fitness equipment; carousel shopping center, various gymnasiums, swimming pools, living facilities are complete

Those who are interested please contact the room.

Telephone: 0433098768 or add WeChat.
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