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Curtin锛宯ear Vic Park rent Owner

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Price: 480AUD/Week Building Floor:1Area Perth  -   -   -  Map Notes:(^_^)When you contact the writer, please let the writer know that you see this message from the website:AUPEOPLE Australia website. If you want to top up your rental house advertising in English rental section, please contact us by email: It cost 35 AUD / month.
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The house is located in Kensington, between South Perth and Vic Park. There are no aborigines in the rich area. One hundred meters away from the Kensington Community IGA, 200 meters away from the Kensington Police Station, about 1.5 kilometers straight to Vic Park Woolworth, very close to Vic Park Food Street Albany Highway.

The house is very convenient transportation, only 3 kilometers from Curtin University, driving only 4 minutes to reach, bus is extremely convenient, the door next door is the bus platform, nearby 72 and 33 direct to Curtin, the traffic takes less than 20 minutes, bus fastest 30 minutes a bus, free time. It is nearly 3 kilometers away from Perth casino Crown, and arrives within 5 minutes. It's only 6 kilometers away from the center of Perth, and you can drive about 10 minutes.

The room has four bedrooms, three of which are double rooms, a single room, the smallest size of double room is about 12 square, the largest is about 16 square, space is very sufficient, single room size is about 10 square, are equipped with furniture, beds, desks, wardrobes, etc. At the same time, the kitchen is equipped with dishwashers, cooking pots and dishes, laundry rooms equipped with washing machines. The yard is very big, there is a big lemon tree, usually we can pick lemon soaking water for cooking. There's also a big garage in the yard for people to put unused, unused luggage or sundries there. At the same time, the house is equipped with central air conditioning, not cold water air conditioning, summer people do not have to worry about the weather is too hot and uncomfortable.

The house is now available for rent, the full rent price is A$480 per week, not including Bill, Bill mainly includes water, electricity, gas, network fees.

The sub leasing price is as follows:

Single room rent is 130 per week without Bill.

The rent for a double room and a double room is 150 weeks for a single person and 165 weeks for a double without Bill.

Double room 3 (the largest room) single rent for 155 weeks, double rent for 175 weeks without Bill

The Bill of each month is divided according to the head.

You can also include bill, price interview. Long-term rent is welcomed. Students can get a corresponding reduction or discount during the holidays. The most important thing is that everyone gets along well.

Due to the limited number of photos uploaded on the website, only some photos are uploaded, more photos can be added to my Wechat I sent to you. Thank you

Contact: Alice/John

Tel: 0430490812

WeChat (wechat) ranrandance or kabiqiuqiu
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